Interesting things About Interesting Links

The links of interest over there to the right —>.

Why are they of interest?  There are a number of reasons.  Here are some:

The Magical Kingdom:  This is the web home of writer L.M. Warren. I know L.M. through a local writing group. I’ve only run into him two or three times, but we get along pretty well…for a couple of socially awkward introverts (okay, so I’m speaking mostly for myself).  Why should you care?  You should care because he’s a damn good writer. If you’ve watched Shrek, and been intrigued by how the creators played with some of the traditional fairy tales, but wish they had gone a whole helluva lot further, a lot darker, with more bite to the social commentary…then L.M.’s your huckleberry.  Now, Shrek is a horrible comparison… L.M.’s work is dark, literary satire at its best. If you know me, you know my sense of humor is a little off… this is turned to 10.

Dean Wesley Smith: Outside of Chris Baty, Dean is probably more responsible for any success I’ve had than anyone. His “attitude” posts have changed my world view even outside of the writing. His Writing Into the Dark is essentially a playbook for my writing process. I learned of Heinlein’s Rules through his blog. Dean rubs some people the wrong way, because he calls bullshit on a lot of beliefs that writers worship. For me, (most of) that myth busting was liberating. The guy also happens to be so giving of his time to help beginning and beyond writers. Even if he pisses you off, if you haven’t visited his site, you owe yourself some time reading through the archives.

Harvey Stanbrough: A modern pulp fictioneer. Harvey reports out on his progress on his writing projects daily, and typically blogs about the writing life daily (in the journal). His “Of Interest” section always links to interesting articles out in the writers’ blog-o-sphere. Harvey has written something like 35 novels in the last 4 years or so, and 100 (?) or so short stories in that time. It is the kind of prolific output I admire, and hope to attain. I haven’t read any of his work yet, but I intend to in the New Year. Why don’t you join me?

Michael LaRonn:  Another prolific pulp fictioneer. Michael holds down a full-time job, and fills up every sliver of free time with writing. His mindset is positive and contagious. I enjoy his podcasts and you tube videos.  He has an excellent video regarding Dean’s Writing into the Dark book. The passage that Michael refers to as a little “hippy” is exactly why I love WITD. It’s also what I love about Michael. If you struggle with negativity about your writing, carving out time in your busy days, fears that you might “not be good enough”, check out Michael. He’s got the antidote.

The Everyday Novelist: A fantastic podcast for Nanowrimo and beyond. The concept of this podcast is taking the idea of Nanowrimo and bringing it forward into the other eleven months. The first 30 in the series will walk you through the thirty days of Nanowrimo…but don’t stop there. There is a lot of great ideas on turning this writing gig into a 365 day a year thing. And importantly, how to do quality work while you are also working on the quantity of work.

Aila Stephens: Another writer I know from the local writing group. Aila writes in a genre outside of my tastes, but I’ve read the excerpts and she’s a quality writer of Women’s Fiction. But that’s not why I’ve linked her here. She also has a fantastic blog. Check out her series on DIY Book Covers.

Paperback Warrior: I love to read. Duh? I write, of course, I love to read. The Paperback Warrior posts regularly on the kind of books I love to read. Pulp, Noir, Detective, Westerns, Men’s Action, Sword & Sorcery…basically, all pulp goodness. The Warrior regularly grows my Mt. To Be Read. I’m not sure if I should thank him for that or not!

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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