A Christmas Offering – Free Books

I have a couple of dinged up copies of my book Everything is Broken. They came from the printer this way. I think they tried to jam a couple more books into a box that wasn’t large enough. The books are fine, tight bindings, no tears, etc. Just enough creasing to the covers that I wouldn’t feel right selling at full-price. I originally thought of posting them for sale at my cost.  Now, I’ve settled on just offering them up.

All you need to do is request one, either here or on the Facebook Page or Twitter (wherever you see this).  I’ll send them out to the first two respondents (in the United States).

I do ask a couple of things:

  1. Only request if you intend to read it. Seems like a silly request.  But honestly if you just plan to toss it on a shelf, please let a reader claim the book.
  2. If you enjoy it, please tell a reading friend about it or even better let them borrow it.

That’s all. No shipping costs. No sign up for a newsletter list. Just read it, and if you like it tell a friend.

If you don’t manage to “win” one of these, the mighty Zon has discounted paperbacks of Everything is Broken by greater than 40%.  Their decision. So, I have no idea how long this sale will last. On top of that, I believe you can include it in their current promotion $5 off $20 or greater book purchases (obviously only if you purchase other books).  Coupon code for that promotion is: GIFTBOOK18.  The favor of a fair and honest review is requested, if you take Amazon up on this sale.




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