An update on Persy’s Song (and the writing life)

I have gotten Persy’s Song back from Jill. There is some work to do. Note, generally speaking, I’m not looking for improvements on the writing (or even the story). I love her, but it is my characters’ story. Not mine. Not hers. Having said that, she as a reader noted some open questions. And it appears I may have not tied things up as clearly as I could have. So I will cycle back and read the last several scenes, and see what I think.

None of this is incredibly unexpected. There were a lot of stops and starts on this novel, and it also has a more complex plot line than both Everything is Broken and North Country Girl (certainly NCG). Anyway, I will be taking a look in the evenings.

On the other hand, mornings are for the new novel. I am leaning heavily into changing the working title…did I call it or what? I’m thinking of changing The Smallwood Harp to The Spotlight So Clear. But that is only mildly important or interesting. The writing has slowed down. I’m missing more days than I’d like, but I am OK with it. Not beating myself up. This is an important step for me. Currently, my day job responsibilities are eating away at my creative energy. Yes, my intention is always to handle the creativity at 5 am until I go to work, before the day can get in the way. But, when the work days are long and intense, it makes the getting up early difficult and the brain power just isn’t there. The word count is climbing. The story is developing, when I am able to give the manuscript the proper effort. It’s all good.

On a side note, it is blackberry season in the Carolinas. I am in danger of taking on a purplish-black tint. So good.

Talk to you soon.


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