A Night with Writers

My local writing group met at a pub last night for our “Pub Night.” Go figure. It’s the less formal of the meetings that the group has every couple of weeks. The other being “Critique Night”, which I do not attend. Despite the fact that I don’t participate in critiques this group has still been welcoming of me. And the Pub Nights give me what I need or want from a writer’s group.

I am able to check in with how I am doing on my work, and I am able to talk with other writers, which is fascinating. I always come away from Pub Night, excited and re-charged.

Last night, we discussed Indie Publishing.  I tried to mostly listen and talk less… I failed miserably. I guess I’m just too passionate about all this. Still, it was great to hear how our other writers have had success with publishing. What’s worked and what hasn’t. That sorta thing.

And I did come home excited and re-charged. Everything is Broken’s copy edits are complete. Now it’s time to learn about book formatting…

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