It’s Been Awhile

I suck. I know. Fortunately, I never really harvested any readers before disappearing. I’m going to try to get better…

So what’s going on?

  1. I’ve failed miserably on the Bradbury reading goals. I still think it’s worthwhile, and I do pick up a book of poetry or short stories or essays on occasion. I believe in Bradbury’s advice. I just haven’t committed to it.
  2.  I also set a goal of 250K words this year. Today I sit at roughly 130K words. Yes, more than half the year is gone, but I can still see this as do-able.

What else?

I see my first novel getting published this year. The title is Everything is Broken and it is a pulp detective novel. Hopefully, it will find some readers.  My wife loves it. I will try to remember that.  Because, honestly, if I can write stories that my wife loves to read, that may be enough motivation to keep doing it. I admit having her talk to me about my characters like they are real people is really, really satisfying.



The second novel may get out this year, too. I am circling around the climax of that one like a turkey vulture does road kill.  Its working title is “North Country Girl.”  It is the second in a series beginning with Everything is Broken.

I have many other aspirations, but I’m gonna keep it real. I have Book 1 in editing, and I’m heading down the back stretch on Book 2. I’ve sucked as a blogger in 2018. A writer? Not so much, at least not from a productivity standpoint.

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