Happy Birthday, Everything is Broken

A year ago, I published my first novel.  The following year has been tough…fraught with loss, and I haven’t been as productive as I would like (that’s on me).  But, it is nice to look back on how excited I was to put myself out there with this book.  I’m also proud of the do-it-yourself efforts that I put forward with it – written, cover designed, interiors formatted all by me. It was a labor of love.  Of course, another book has come out since then, and I haven’t quite gotten the third one out…that second book is the better book, and the third book is shaping up to be even better. This is the way it should be, as a young artist finding my voice and working to continuously improve.

But this was the first one. It’s special, and I’ll always feel that way.

One of these days, I’ll get around to uploading this, and it will be the new branding for the series.  I won’t be changing the paperback covers (at least not in the foreseeable future), but here’s what the ebook will look like in the near future.

Everything is Broke_bc1a.jpg

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Everything is Broken

  1. Good cover, Tony. But as a guy who doesn’t do paper, I wonder why you aren’t updating the paper covers as well. From what I understand, once the original paper cover is done (size of the spine, all that), it would take minimal effort to replace the front of that cover with the ebook cover and upload it.

    (I’m probably missing something. As I said, I don’t do paper, never having taken the time to learn to create paper covers.)


    1. I will get around to it, but my paperbooks go through Ingram and KDP, and both have different specs. (I’m not kidding). Ingram takes more jumping through hoops to get through in my experience…for admittedly better quality. So…long story short. If/when I update the paperbacks it will be when I have the time and patience to jump through those hoops…which will only happen when I get this next book out. 1)priorities 2) laziness. 🙂 (Also I won’t just throw the front cover on my existing spine and back cover…I’ll design something that goes better with the new cover.)


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