So Far, So Good


I started out this morning with a full cycle. What does that mean?

I went all the way back to the opening of God’s Golden Shore. And read forward with my hands on the keyboard, adding depth as needed, correcting typos, but mostly getting myself deeply grounded with the story and characters again.  I’m happy to say I think I’ve got something here. Really wasn’t much I needed to add, and for someone who never returns to his work once it’s hit The End… I gotta say I enjoyed reading it.

I did completely dumpster fire the second to last scene I’d written. It was a sequel I’d written of Fuzzy contemplating his next step, but it read like Mr. Writer not grounded with his character and trying to figure out, “Where to next?”.  So I scrapped the entire scene, and moved forward.  Made some minor revisions/additions to the next scene that needed to be made due to losing the sequel.  Then I hit the white page and powered on for about 700 words.

Then the house stirred with activity, and I spent some time with family.

When I got back to my machine, I started a short story on a whim. And dropped another 800 words. I’m not sure if it’s a complete flash fiction piece or the beginning of a longer short.  But I had a lot of fun with it.  Totally, out of my comfort zone, as it’s genre-less/mainstream. No idea what I’ll do with.  Probably part of the fun.

Basically, it’s fun.  Always important to remember that.

Plus, I got to write this post. <grin>


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