Not much of a post tonight, I’m afraid.  But things have been good.

Over the weekend, we had a small gathering of writers get together for a write-in.  It was a good time, as it most often is when writers get together. Good conversation, and words were added to the current work.  One of our writers shared a little about the fantasy novel she is writing, and I was awestruck by the creativity…the idea. Another shared how he had submitted a story to the New Yorker. Freakin’ cool.  Dream big or go home, I say.

Then today I met with two other local writers for lunch, and it was more of the same without the adding words to the current work. Two hours later, we decided it might be best for the two of us workin’ for the man to get back on the clock. The other is a professional writer, who makes his living at it… and makes his own hours.  His work can be found here:

I guess the point of this post is that the support of the writing community and really any artists’ community is a beautiful thing. The positive energy…the way we lift each other up…all inspiring.

— TD


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