Rough going

I haven’t written in a couple of days.  I think it’s starting to make me ill.

I’ve had couple of reminders of my brother this week. Which reminded me of Mom.  Hell, it’s reminded me of the Uncle that lived with us, who we lost as well.  Grief is nasty. I get some time when the pain eases, and then it yanks the cover away and there it is… the huge gaping hole…where my mother used to reside…where my brother did…

I had migraine-like headaches last night and woke up with them today. I had a couple of job placement events I participated in today…mainly because I don’t want to get in the habit of skipping them. Of course, it didn’t do much for my disposition.  But at least the headaches have subsided…

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to force my butt into the chair and work on God’s Golden Shore. I left off at the discovery of a body…so, one would think I have some interesting work ahead of me.

Tonight?  I’m going to re-visit some Pressfield, because Resistance is a bitch, but it can me tamed.

Btw, excellent post on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog tonight, as he posts a blog he wrote in 2010 about the changes in the publishing world. I wasn’t writing much when this was all going on… but I found this bit of history fascinating.  Here it be:


Check out some books:

Everything is Broken


North County Girl

16 thoughts on “Rough going

      1. I’m going to be downtown (Radio Room) on Wednesday for a concert…but we can make it work before the 8:00 start or the other nights work too


  1. Reality is rough which is why we writers are not weak but warriors to combat such trying times with the imagination buried deep within our hearts and minds. I blame the weather and losses of my own for being unable to write as I wish. Still each word we scratch into the surface of a blank page is a moment in which our rough reality cannot engage nor take away…. May your journey reveal a time of rest and resources soon my friend.

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  2. Hey Tony, hope Mr. Pressfield was able to help you overcome some resistance or at least give you some confidence that you’ll soon be back on the road to production (love that book, BTW). I hit a rough patch a couple of weeks ago (as you witnessed through my blog), but this week has already been much better. Some days, you just can’t do it all… The best thing to remember is that it’s okay and you WILL get back to doing what you want because the love is still there.


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