I hit the Weekend, just like a freight…


Okay, so not really. I had a pretty relaxing…laid back weekend. At least as relaxing as they can be these days. Job seeking isn’t my favorite thing in the world…

All in all, though. It wasn’t bad…

Saturday, I met some local writers at a coffee house down the road from my place for an impromptu write-in. Always fun for me to meet-up with other writers, and pound out some new story.

Saturday night, I listened to the new Hayes Carll album on NPR First Listen, while playing some Tabletop Baseball games.  This is one of my favorite hobbies, which has taken a back seat the last several months due to the work of publishing, writing, and working.  I am in early June of my replay of every game of the 1976 major league season… yes that is a shit ton of games, but it’s fun (to me) and relaxing, and it’s nice to be back rolling the dice.

Jill made baked ziti and chocolate chip cookies, too.  Two of my favorite things…and now, I’ll have to be a good boy the rest of the week to shed the consequences.

Sunday, I slept in!  Watched some Deadwood, which is becoming a favorite series of mine, despite the fact that I see some depressing similarities to the business practices on the show and the independent publishing scene. More on that some other time… maybe. I’m in too good of a mood for that now.

Played some more tabletop ball. Tapped out some more words on the new book. Settled on a working title…finally.  God’s Golden Shore. 

Ate some more ziti. And while writing this listened to one of my favorite ‘Weekend’ songs a couple of times.  Enjoy ye some Dave Rawlings!

I hope y’all had a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “I hit the Weekend, just like a freight…

  1. I look forward to seeing a post on the similarities between business practices on Deadwood and the indie publishing scene. You got my curiosity up.


  2. I really need to watch Deadwood one of these days. It’s no longer gathering dust because it’s so far down my TBW pile. 🙂

    Best of luck on the job search. Always a stressful time, but fingers crossed you’ll land something soon.

    And I’m intrigued about the tabletop baseball games. I’ve been a casual sports fan for the past twenty years or so, but in junior high and high school, I was a baseball fanatic and have boxes of cards to prove it.


    1. The language on Deadwood would make Tony Montana blush, but it’s pretty fascinating…especially if you don’t mind stories with little, if any, redeeming characters. Baseball is my first and true love (save my wife, of course…). I actually played minor league baseball briefly. I blew my knee out in my second start. The tabletop game I most frequently play (and the one I’m using for the replay I mentioned in the post) is http://www.replaybb.com


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