A New Year

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t revisit 2018. I reflected on 2017 last year. I just don’t see the point this year. However, I will layout some goals for 2019.

  • Write 350,000 new words of fiction. (This is a little less than a 100k bump from 2018).
  • Write one book in a genre other than Mystery
  • Read every day at least one of the following
    • A poem
    • An Essay
    • A short story

I hope all of you (friends, readers, curious on-lookers) have a fantastic 2019!

*and take a look at my friend David’s recent post regarding use of pronouns. Food for thought.



fireworks photo
Photo by Peter Spencer on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. I have a Poem a Day book. I also have an anthology of essays. And I have several short story collections AND several digest magazines with stories. To be clear, I will read one of the three each day…not one poem, one essay, and one short story every day. I tried that last year, and didn’t make it out of January. The idea is based on Ray Bradbury’s advice that if you can read one of each every day for 1000 days, you will never want for ideas as a writer. Like I said, I’m not doing that to the letter.


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