What I’m Working On

I sat down to write a post on Heinlein’s Rule #1, then I saw Harvey post about James Scott Bell’s blog post on the topic of Heinlein’s Rules. Bell takes the easy way out, and presents them as most everyone does… that somehow Rule #3 isn’t what Heinlein meant. That’s neither here nor there, I’ll save my post on Rule #1 for another day.

I’ve been working on another Fuzzy Koella novel. Unlike the others I’ve written, I don’t yet have a working title. Not sure if this is my subconscious telling me, “The title always changes, so why bother?” Haha. (Everything is Broken was originally titled Heaven Ain’t Bad and North Country Girl was originally title Girl from the North Country). When I sat down with the blank page on this one, I thought I was going to try my hand at a Western. Then I started with Fuzzy sitting in the clubhouse icing his arm during the last game of the season. And another Fuzzy novel was born.

Other stuff? I’ve completed the eBook cover for North Country Girl.



I’ll hand the book over to my first reader tomorrow. The paper cover pretty much requires getting through editing because I need an accurate page count.

I also need to write the book description / back cover copy.

I should get at least the eBook out by end of year.

We’ll visit Heinlein’s Rule #1 sometime in the future.



4 thoughts on “What I’m Working On

  1. For my part, I look very forward to your take on HR1. 🙂 Without that one, after all, none of the others matter.


    1. They all kind of build upon each other. Don’t they, Harvey? I kind of like how you work through them in procession…and just when you think you’ve got all five conquered, you fall off the wagon. And have to start where you fell off, and work your way through again. I personally have to really push myself through #4.


  2. Oh, and for what it’s worth, my titles usually occur to me late in the process. Most often the characters hand it to me, gift wrapped.


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