Writer’s Block

I’ve never believed in writer’s block. I always maintained that it was an excuse for not putting the butt in chair, and doing the work. That was until a few days ago, because when I sit down to write, the words aren’t coming.

I’m very close to finishing a book, and when I do it will be dedicated to my brother. But I don’t know when the words will come again. That’s frightening.

The last conversation I had with Dennis, he said he was struggling with finishing his works, too. I’m hoping we figure this out together.

God bless.


One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. Writer’s block is very scary, especially if you are the type of person who CAN “just write” usually, but find that your energy is so low, it’s just not coming.

    But don’t lose hope, my friend. When personal tragedy strikes (and it happened to me earlier this year) we do have to take some time to heal.

    The desire to write will come back when you’re better able to process what’s happened. And not just “process” in the general sense. But understand how we feel about what happened, how this event changes our lives and perspectives.

    When you’re ready, remember, write about what you honestly feel, the thoughts that consume you. Don’t write anything “untrue.” When your heart and mind are back in it together, the spirit to write will be stronger than ever before.

    What helped with me was just word association, blogging at first, even ranting to people on Reddit. Talking things out with my wife, friends, and FB acquaintances. I didn’t really do any serious work for several days afterward. I do think we have to vent sometimes, whether or not it’s usable material in a script.

    I have confidence that you’ll find the words again, when the time is right.

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