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As pointed out in the comments, I’ve been slow in linking Social Media. This is partially because the only social media I ever use is Facebook, and that’s just a personal profile.

I created a Facebook Group, which once I actually get something out I will use like a newsletter to announce releases, interact with readers… and maybe even provide the occasional freebie. I am not a marketer. I am not a salesperson. It all makes me very uncomfortable, but at least people will know that by joining the group they will receive promotional stuff.  Which beats me using my personal profile like it’s some MLM.

Facebook group:

So… I had hoped to avoid a Facebook “Page”, simply because it seems to have turned into a tool for Facebook Ads. I don’t necessarily have anything against the Ads. I may get around to using them, but that is somewhere down the line.  The thing I like about the Group?  If someone signs up, unless they un-follow, they should get notified of anything I post to the Group.  Not so, with the Page. Only a percentage of those following the page will get notified…unless I pay to Boost the post.  But… Facebook as of August 1st only auto-links WordPress posts to Pages, not Profiles…not Groups.  So, I have a Page, too! (as of 30 minutes ago, and I’m already getting propaganda from Facebook to pay for boosting).  I do have a Page. Please be sure to “Follow”. Hopefully, that means you have a better chance of getting notifications.

Facebook page:

or @tonydwritespulp

Finally, Twitter (sigh). Twitter is a complete mystery to me, but I do have an account linked to this page.



If that is not enough social media, amen.  For this is all I am capable of at the moment.

And thank you to reader, L.M. Warren for gently nudging me in the direction of linking my social media to the page.  I have no clue whether any of this will work properly, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.





One thought on “Social Media

  1. I think Twitter & Facebook is good for a new author.

    I am active on Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, but they are a headache sometimes, to come up with new material for them. And I don’t believe in double-posting my content on every single page I have, it gets a bit annoying for me as well as followers of mine.

    I do think every author should be on at least F & T though, because a lot of people are protesting Facebook (and on Twitter) and a lot of people just hate Twitter but stay on Facebook.

    I HATE marketing too, believe me, but I guess it’s a necessary evil.


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