About Facebook

My account was hacked. And there was some activity on there that didn’t “meet community standards” while it was hacked. So, Facebook put me in “jail” for 30 days. There was also suspicious activity on my business debit card through Facebook. Don’t ask me what that means but my credit union caught it as fraudulent activity, and closed out that card. Really, the getting hacked and someone trying to access my accounts is what troubles me. I’ve been seriously considering cutting way back (or closing) personal social media accounts anyway. So, being in Facebook “jail” is a-ok. A trial run of what I’ve wanted anyway. It has become a huge distractive time sink.

However, I do hope the my author pages and author’s group are still open, because the page is the home of my largest number of followers. It’s not a huge number, but I do want them/you to receive updates of when I have new books out there. Especially, given there should (finally) be one in the near future.

Unfortunately, I cannot even log in to check.

So, if you’ve commented on my page or group and I haven’t responded, please accept my apologies. I’m not dismissive of interaction with my readers. I just happen to be ignorant of it at the moment. Further, I do not know if this will blog post will be shared on my pages. So, if I could ask a favor (?). If you see this, and actually clicked on the link to read the whole post, would you please comment here on this site? (Not Facebook for obvious reason…If you’re getting this through Twitter, I’d be happy for a comment as well, but I’m not fishing for attention and Twitter doesn’t seem to have been hacked. I am just hoping to become less ignorant.)

NOW, all of that out of the way. I am off for the next six days. Tomorrow, is my 21st wedding anniversary to my beautiful and very understanding wife, Jill. I’m looking forward to spending the next (almost) week with her and Dylan…and writing A LOT. I’m excited for the reprieve from the long hours on the day job, and fully expect to enjoy immersing myself in my stories, again.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.